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The platform of Android in terms of security is not “a piece of cake”. Instead this subject is worth discussion in aspect of antivirus apps that is lucrative for your smartphone. The majority of Android apps that is capable of leveraging security are employed under the packages that also include a host of various tools from the contact filtering to the remote locks and wipes. Akin to Windows, the very popular Android platform hosted by Google offers the weak security system that makes it prone to the infection against the dangerous malware. Here are the few imperative apps have been listed that are lab-tested under the guidance of malware specialists and also under the investigation which is more reliable than that of other security functions.

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World at your fingertips

With the arrival of the Smartphone technology, the mobile phones have undergone quite a drastic and a revolutionary change in the recent time. What used to be an instrument only for making and receiving calls has now literally become a gadget through which you can literally dwarf the world around you. It has made possible to do the tasks just at a roll of your finger tips which was earlier was thought to be impracticable to do without moving anywhere. We can access literally anything just on a tap on the screen.   An all this has been possible because of the mobile applications. Software specially designed and configured to run on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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Hackode : The hacker's Toolbox is an application for penetration tester, Ethical hackers, IT administrator and Cyber security professional to perform different tasks like reconnaissance, scanning performing exploits etc.

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One of the biggest concerns for business owners moving over to the cloud has and always will be security. Not having hard copies of the data in your business seems scary to a lot of people as they constantly fear all of their hard work can be erased at the click of a mouse or stolen by some random person with a laptop at Starbucks. Data recovery is another hotly debated topic. Any quality cloud provider with IT managed services will have your data saved in a primary server offsite from your business and a backup in case that one fails. This is why the cloud is considered a safer option for those whose business is in an area prone to natural disasters. The big question business owners ask here is who all can access their data from this server. All of this and more is addressed when initially setting up managed hosting through your cloud provider. Here are seven key points to address when signing a contract with a cloud provider to ensure quality security of your data:

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Start up Lotus Notes to PDF conversion process with simple and friendly third party tool which competent to convert huge amount of emails with maintain properties like cc, bcc, date & time etc into PDF documents. Read all possible way of email conversion from Notes to PDF

Body: PDF files are very important and this fact cannot be denied at any point of time. The need to execute Lotus Notes email convert to PDF always felt. The popularity to PDF files is attention capturing to professionals like forensic experts, entrepreneurs, doctors, Lawyers etc. PDF files have their own standard which meets requirement of these professionals at different required situations. Two main methods which helpful in storing email to PDF format are:
  • Manual Method
  • Third Party Tool


Get rid of problems generally that come across when user fall into the need to open Lotus Notes archive in Outlook 2010. Online software solutions are turning up wonderful solutions because software developers spend their lots of time and labor in creating them. These tools are so quick and useful in usage that it has left behind numerous other ways for data migration like manual drag and drop methods or some other methods. It is quintessential to have Lotus Notes and Outlook installed on your machine before you start on with conducting NSF to PST migration. Whether it is a home user or entrepreneur, everyone has obsession for data which they do not want to leave in Lotus Notes before turning onto Outlook. 

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